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» » » Humboldt Fog, Petite
Humboldt Fog, Petite

Humboldt Fog, Petite

from United States by Cypress Grove
1 x 14 oz piece chilled CHD-CYPH2
4 x 14 oz piece chilled CHD-CYPH2

About Humboldt Fog, Petite

Milk Type: Goat
Style: Semi Soft
Treatment: Pasteurized
Rennet: Veggie
Origin: Arcata, CA
Mouthfeel: Oozy, Creamy, Airy, Crumbly
Flavor: Lightly Acidic, Earthy, Sharp, Tangy

Humboldt fog is perhaps the most well-known goat’s milk cheese that is produced in the US and it’s for a good reason.  This bloomy rind cheese is ripened from the outside in, and in its prime state it should have a shell of oozy goodness that wraps around an airy paste. One thing many people notice is Humboldt Fog’s distinct dark ash line running through the center that many mistake as a blue vein - this is not the case. The ash is placed there to replicate the early times when there was just enough milk produced in a day that the morning milking had to be preserved and separated by the vegetable ash to await the day’s subsequent milking. Humboldt Fog is not just beautiful but delectable as well! With pungent and rich flavors on the ripened rim, and a lightly acidic, soft, mild paste, this cheese is for any level of foodie!
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